Sunday, 27 May 2007

Good User Feedback

Via Fiona (Austhink's Education Coordinator):
  1. Startup screen is great, but how do I get it back?
  2. Spell-check please!
  3. Some well-heeled schools are getting the powerful combo of tablet PCs for staff and all students in conjunction with a projector (in preference to smart-boards)
  4. Text pane open/close button goes missing
  5. Some lap-tops have neither mice nor track-pads, making dragging of maps painful
  • Many (most?) secondary-school students kick off an argument map with a question
    • Often encouraged to do so by their teachers
  • Students asking for links between boxes -- other than hierarchical relationships -- within a map
  • Kids are becoming more visual and audial
  • Connection to the synthesizing mind and the disciplined mind in Howard "multiple intelligences" Gardner's latest opus, Five Minds for the Future.
Other positives:
  • .NET is becoming more pervasive (as more products require it)
  • Installation process is smooth

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