Thursday, 16 August 2007

There is no such thing as Computer Science

Not my words, but from a rather enjoyable rant, What's wrong with CS research. Here's the bit containing the best quote (my emphasis):
So here's the first thing that's wrong with CS research: there's no such thing as CS research. First, there is no such thing as "computer science." Except for a few performance tests and the occasional usability study, nothing any CS researcher does has anything to do with the Scientific Method. Second, there is no such thing as "research." Any activity which is not obviously productive can be described as "research." The word is entirely meaningless. All just semantics, of course, but it's hardly a good sign that even the name is fraudulent.

When we look at what "CS researchers" actually do, we see three kinds of people. We can describe them roughly as creative programmers, mathematicians, and bureaucrats.
If only he had claimed that there was no such thing as Science, now that would have been a fun proposition to explore!

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