Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Jake's 10 Commandments

As part of this year's Shavuot celebrations at my son's kindergarten every child devised his or her own version of the 10 commandments. This is what Jake came up with:

Jake's 10 Commandments
  1. No jumping on other people.
  2. After eating at kindergarten please have a drink to wash down the food that is stuck in your teeth.
  3. No poo-ing in your undies.
  4. I will not bend my glasses.
  5. My sister cannot slap me.
  6. I will not take the mattress off my bed and throw it on the floor.
  7. Do not slam the door on somebody's fingers.
  8. No touching the stove when it is on.
  9. No screaming.
  10. No tipping water out of the bath.

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