Tuesday, 18 November 2008

My quest for waffles

As a child we had an old-fashioned waffle-iron. It was a two-handled affair that you would pour the batter into, close, and then cook over the stove. I favored my waffles with maple syrup and ice-cream.

Now that my children are eating solid food and enjoying occasional Sunday pancake (really crepe) breakfasts, I find myself pining for waffles, and wanting to share the experience with them.

So I am on a quest for a waffle iron, and I am torn: Do I go for authenticity and purchase a waffle iron of metal -- perhaps even an expensive Italian one that brands the maker's-mark into the waffle -- or a modern jaffle-like contraption that promises more consistent results, and easier cleaning?

Yesterday I bought a waffle at the local food-hall, and while adequate and not cheap, it was re-heated and not ideal.

Stay tuned. Meanwhile here is an article about the ancient and noble history of waffles.

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Andi said...

Do I get a vote?
Easy to clean!!! Easy to clean!!!