Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Kids Rule

Over the holidays we gave Ella her own room (formerly the "play room"), and redecorated both her and Jake's rooms in the process.  They didn't really want to be separated, but were appeased when it was pointed out that they could visit each other for sleep-overs.

I felt that they should be able to set the rules in their respective rooms:

Jake's Rules for his Room
  1. Don't take away a train when someone's playing with it.
  2. Don't rip the Thomas and Mr Men and Little Miss books.
  3. Don't break up the track.
  4. Don't interrupt a story.
  5. Be gentle with the lego.
  6. Don't rust the trains, and don't scratch people.
  7. Don't jump on the bed.
  8. Be careful when you wind up the sling bridge; it might break.
  9. Don't come in when I have privacy.
  10. I like tickling, and stop when I want you to stop.
Ella's Rules for her Room
  1. Don't jump on the bed, pillow and doona.
  2. Don't interrupt my books and don't break my boxes.
  3. I like tickling, but stop when I have had enough.
Andi and I are still working on our rules for the rest of the house, but here's a preliminary list:
  1. Mummy and Daddy are the bosses of the house.
  2. No biting, slapping, or hitting.
  3. When you finish your food, bring your plate to the kitchen bench.
  4. Use an inside voice.
  5. No TV on school mornings.
  6. Children must brush teeth and get into pyjamas before getting "bedtime choices".
  7. All family members must support the Collingwood Football club, or leave home.
  8. You get what you get, and you don't get upset.
  9. Remember to put out the bins on Thursday nights.
  10. Full participation is expected during Shabbat blessings, and this includes guests.
  11. Don't waste water; the farmers need it.
  12. A quick game's a good game.
  13. The house must be tidy before the cleaner comes to clean.
  14. Obsessions, such as martial arts, patchwork quilting, trains and fairies are to be tolerated, nay, respected.
  15. Tickle the mickle is the preferred format for tickling.

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David said...

I'm as baffled by rule 13 as I was when I was a kid. My mum always insisted we clean up before the cleaner comes, but I always felt that made her job redundant. Do I fix the pipes before the plumber comes? (He'd still charge a mint, I'm sure).