Friday, 13 November 2009

Opposite rhymes

My daughter Ella, who is not yet four, has invented a new word game called "opposite rhymes".

You know how the word game "opposite pairs" works: Name pairs of words that are opposites. For example:
  • Big - little
  • Black - white
  • Hot - cold
And "rhyming pairs":
  • Fiddle - middle
  • Hot - cot
  • Head - said
But in opposite rhymes (also known as rhyming opposites) you have to do both at once, making it considerably harder:
  1. Ella: Tall - small
  2. Andi: Happy - crappy
  3. Andi: Sad - glad
  4. Dan: Familiar - unfamiliar (deemed unacceptable)
So I'm pretty impressed with my little girl for inventing this new form of wordplay and finding the first one.

Can you find of any others? It ain't easy.

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