Thursday, 11 December 2008

Waffles are go!

My quest for waffles is over. Last Saturday I saw a modern waffle-maker at K-Mart with my beloved and gingies, and -- despite being there to purchase gifts to place under the Wishing Tree, and not stuff for ourselves -- I had to have it. Now it is mine:

The recipe was complicated, including sifting, separating eggs and beating the whites until they stiffened, folding, and -- most challengingly -- leaving the mixture to sit for 10 minutes.

Then you cook each waffle for exactly 3 minutes:

cool them on a rack:

Now cut them up and sprinkle with sugar, Belgian style:

And admire the complexity of the waffle-creation process:

Now enjoy!

Hmmm: They tasted like ... waffles! I.e. Good. The general consensus was that they are even better with ice-cream and Maple syrup. There was so much mixture that we were able to freeze some for later. I think that they should reheat quite nicely in the toaster.

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