Friday, 3 April 2009

From Moses to Moses ...

"From Moses to Moses there was none like Moses". The two Moses's of the quote are Moses the lawgiver -- he 0f the 10 commandments etc. -- and Moses Maimonedes the greatest Jewish sage of the middle ages.

Loyal readers of this blog will remember that last year my son Jake portrayed the earlier Moses in the kindergarten Pesach (Passover) play:
Jake as Moses

Witnesses said that his manner and physical resemblance to the biblical Moses was uncanny, and it seemed it would be a long time before anyone would else would pull off such a convincing portrayal ...

That was until Jake's little sister Ella put on the beard!

Ella as Moses

Apparently Ella was a little more tentative in her portrayal than Jake had been, but she is a year younger than he was when he took on the role.

Nevertheless, I am again very proud indeed. (And amused.)

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