Monday, 26 October 2009

Promoted - again!

It seems to be the season. Around this time last year I was promoted to CTO, and this time round, my boss has decided to move on, and I have stepped up to the hot seat of CEO-dom.

All of this has been bad for my Kibitz blogging, although I have been contributing to a new blog all about our emerging visual collaboration product: bCisive Online:

A diagram quickly knocked up in bCisive Online - click to enlarge

Divide and conquer meets visual thinking meets true real-time collaboration. Interested? Check it out, and get in touch.

That said, I'll try and post the occasional kibitz or update here too.


Andi said...

It's good to have the kibbitz back again!!!

Bulkan-Savun Evcimen said...

Congratulations Dan !