Tuesday, 2 March 2010

What makes a good entrepeneurial blog

In his good-bye to blogging article Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software fame paraphrases Kathy Sierra:
To really work, Sierra observed, an entrepreneur's blog has to be about something bigger than his or her company and his or her product. This sounds simple, but it isn't. It takes real discipline to not talk about yourself and your company. Blogging as a medium seems so personal, and often it is. But when you're using a blog to promote a business, that blog can't be about you, Sierra said. It has to be about your readers, who will, it's hoped, become your customers. It has to be about making them awesome.
Now, that's not the aim of this blog, which started off as a combo. semi-regular frustrated rant / the traditional idea of a web log (keeping a log of cool things the author found on the web) / cute things about my kids, but nonetheless I reckon it's spot-on.

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